Almost there …

This is the third week of my practical in the school.

Everything went well and I am almost done with my paper work for assignment 3.

I was afraid that I might not be able to finish the work as there are a lot to complete in the School as well. But with a good management of time and work, I am ready to submit my work to the USQ

I have learnt a lot during this practical. It was challenging for me as most of the teachers here in the School do not integrate ICT into their lesson due to their lack of knowledge and skill in using ICT. They are afraid that the ICT might broken down half way through the lesson.

There are problems here and there during the practical but with the help of my mentor, it was solved.

I research a lot online for my lesson plans. I learnt a lot and found a lot of resources that I can make use of it in the future.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar

I was planning to teach my class mathematics using the interesting story book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle.

I always think this is an interesting story books and I love the book a lot. But I never thought that using just this story books can cover a lot of learning areas / content.

We can teach :


  • Can you write a similar story about a ‘very hungry’ animal? What happens to it?
  • Retell the story from the point of view of the caterpillar. Why was it so hungry? How did it feel after eating so much?
  • Can you make similes using the types of food that are eaten, e.g. lovely lollipops, scrumptious strawberries.
  • Read the story and try to retell it to a friend. Can you remember all of the food that was eaten, in the correct order?
  • Create your own puppet show where you perform the story to an audience.
  • Find the different types of food that the caterpillar ate


  • Use Venn / Carroll diagrams to sort the foods that the caterpillar eats.
  • Count the total number of foods that were eaten by the caterpillar. How many of these were fruit / vegetable / contained meat etc?


  • Sort the foods that the caterpillar eats, in different ways. Which ones are healthy / unhealthy? Which are processed / unprocessed?
  • Think of a healthy / unhealthy meal for another hungry caterpillar.
  • Find out about the life cycles of caterpillars / butterflies. Find out about the life cycles of other animals.
  • Learn about metamorphosis. Find out about other animals who undergo metamorphosis.


  • Make a stop-motion animation which retells the story.

Design Technology

  • The book has holes cut into some of the pages. Try to make another story / book which might also have holes cut out of the illustrations. What could the holes be for?
  • Make a pop-up book which retells the story.


  • Create a collage of a big, fat caterpillar!
  • Create another collage showing the beautiful butterfly.
  • Look at photographs of butterflies and paint your own. You could try folding a piece of paper in half and painting one half of a butterfly on one side. Then fold the paper over, press it down and open it out to reveal the full butterfly.
  • Cut a hole out of a piece of paper and create a picture around it. What could the hole represent? A window in a beautiful building? A missing piece of a puzzle? A gigantic hole in the ground?


I guess teachers learnt as well when we are planning for lessons.



I was looking through the website to find more resources and ideas for my lesson planning.

Then I came across this website “The TES”  and I found out that it is a very useful website for all the teachers.
The website provides a lot of teaching resources and materials, ideas, activities for all the learning areas  that we can use in our teaching.

Other than that, we also can share our ideas, lesson plans, activities, and materials with others.
Teachers can upload files and pictures to show the world your excellent and creativity. It will be very helpful to other teachers around the world.

But before we start it, we need to register ourselves in the website. Don’t worry! It is absolutely free.
After registering yourself, you can download all the files you need.


The TES – Think, Educate, Share !

Week 1 Reflection

It is was an hectic week for me as I need to plan a lot of lessons. Luckily with the help of other teachers, I manage to plan and finish all the require work.

I wasn’t really sure which ICT that I can use in the kindergarten.
Other than that, there wasn’t much ICT I can use. There are not enough computer for each students, they need to share when come to use computer.

The television in the kindergarten is old and does not work well. Fortunately, it still can be use.


I am all done with the 5 lesson plans that I need to submit.

I am now working on the evaluation. Overall, everything is good and manageable.
Lecturer was very helpful and guide us throughout the lessons and assignments.


Give me the experiences and I will do my very best FOREVER!



  • Give me a sticker and I will do my very best for a few minutes.
  • Give me a warm smile and I will do my very best for a little while
  • Give me encouragement and I will do my very best for a long while
  • Give me the experiences that help me believe in myself and I will do my very best forever






This is something that I saw online when I was browsing through resources for my lesson planning.

I think this is a lovely quotes that all teacher should bear in mind and understand the meaning within the quotes.

Completion of Part B

I have completed my Assignment 3 – Part B 

I have read through the documents and examples provided on the study desk, rearrange the in formations and details that I acquired online and through text books. 

Couldn’t agree that it is an easy job but it is not as hard as I think. 

In this part I have briefly introduce the School context and the School that I am doing my practical right now. Then I draw up the points and ideas that I have in planning and preparing my lessons. 

This is the few point I have put into my essay:
– The Computer Practice Framework (CPF)
– Connectivism and Constructivism
– Student-led learning
– Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD)

I hope I make my point very clear in this essay and score well.  

My Practical in Beaconhouse Sarah’s Klang

I have been working in this kindergarten for a while now. I am familiar with the school system and how to go about it.  I have all the information I need.

Today, I am trying to do my assignment 3 Part B where I need to write an essay on the description of those aspects of my Professional Experience context that will impact upon and must be considered when I am integrating ICTs into the teaching I will do on Professional Experience.

I am stuck here as I do not know how to start writing my essay.


Hopefully I can find some solution from the study desk.